Built Environment as a Consumers of Resources

The increasing urban sector development has led to a galloping increase in population. The urban population would increase from 27.5% in 2001 to more than 40% by 2020 as per one of the estimates.  Due to development, there has been a great loss of natural environment. The depleting tree cover posses a great concern for increasing the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. Some of the other consequences may be addressed as;

  • Urban areas with little vegetation can experience higher temperature upto 7 degrees than those with proper tree cover
  • Tree cover can cut the energy cost of heating and cooling by around 12% and reduces the overall dependency of power demand

The built environment has a major impact on environment and consumption of resources. Some of the resource consumtion may be exhibited as under;

  • It consumes around 16% of world’s fresh water withdrawal
  • 25% of wood harvested is consumed in the building and construction industry
  • Consumption of around 30% of raw material in total is the share of building and construction industry
  • Built environment consumes around 50% of global energy
  • It is cause of almost 35% of world’s CO2 emission
  • It produces around 40% of Municipal Solid waste
  • 70% of global warming outcome of built environment/ transportation

“Green building” has become an important tool or practice to conserve the resources, preservation of environment and pollution reduction. It is gaining momentum due to increasing global warming concern around. Various aspects on environment and social inclusion have been addressed for preserving the natural environment. The basic thrust areas of commencing a green building are energy efficiency concerns, concerns on waste water treatment and management, recycling and reuse, ground water recharge, solid waste management during construction and post construction phase etc.

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