Energy Management and Audit

Energy management basically is supervision and management of energy utilization and savings in the project i.e. in businesses, private homes, manufacturing units etc. It is a process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in building -construction or other projects. It also finds bottlenecks and tries to address the ways to make the assets more efficient.
It is necessary not only for saving some money but it is a collective responsibility to reduce the overdependence on the natural resources viz. fossil fuel in this case. Due to increase in global carbon footprint and warming around, it has become an importantly increasing concern for households and businesses to reduce their energy consumption which has a direct impact on environment.
Introduction of energy management strategies, energy planning has become vital to handle the energy cost, track the efficient opportunities, reduce risks and helps in making informed decisions.
Some small actions as simple as switching off the lights, computer system and others while leaving work place at micro level or up gradation for efficient lightening systems etc, may do wonders.

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