Green Building


Green or Sustainable Building is just an eco friendly building which does not have a bad impact on the natural environment as the general average building has. Preservation of natural environment around the project site is actually the core idea of Green Building projects. The construction and operation would have a positive environmental impact involving all the stakeholders and would actually provide a habitat without any disruption in lab, water, resources and energy savings.

As per the United States Environment Protection Agency (US EPA), Green Building is a practice of creating environment friendly and resources efficient structures and processes throughout a building’s lifecycle. The Building lifecycle specifically includes Siting to Designing, Construction, Operation, Maintainace, Renovation and Deconstruction. The concerns of economic utility, durability, comfort are the core ideas behind this high performance building practice.


The increasing urban development and thus increase in urban population to more than 600 millions by 2031 as per the United nation’s Report will surely put an additional burden on the urban economy, natural and social environment.  The increase of around 40% population will have to survive with the available natural environment (Air, Water, Soil) per capita, which will be decreasing for obvious reasons. The rapid urbanization has resulted in the environment degradation and production of huge amount of toxic waste, which has been a great cause of concerns in planning and management of urban quality lifestyle.  The Building and Construction Sector for example contributes around 10 % or the total GDP and has been an important sector for Indian economy.  There is an urgent need for policy based initiatives and a responsible stakeholders approach towards tackling the issue of mitigating the ill impacts on the environment.

The Green Building Practice provides a solution and key towards a sustainable performance based development. The resources efficiency viz. energy, water and materials are taken in special consideration in process of reducing the building impacts on human health and environment. Governments have been providing special provisions and subsidies to encourage Green Building and construction practices.

Benefits of Green Building

Various tangible and intangible benefits are involved for constructing a Green Building. With the introduction of technological measures being developed constantly, the practice of green construction provide great benefits ranging for a responsible Environment, Social to Economic entity. Basically the practice of Green Building,

  • Reduces trash, pollution and degradation of environment
  • Uses energy, water and other resources efficiently
  • Protects occupant health and improving productivity

Significant benefits may be exhibited as under

Root Logix, a strategic environment management consulting companion has been working in the field of Green Building advisory and certification with a focus to maintain the sustainable project performance.  With our multi disciplinary team, we provide Green Building Certification Services catering to LEED Green Homes, GRIHA, IGBC, Energy Modeling & Simulation Study, Day lighting Analysis, Fundamental and Enhanced Third Party Commissioning Services, Energy Audits for Building & Industry pan India.

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