Green Buildings as a Green Business Proposition

The increasing issues of pollution and conservation have put an ever increasing threat in managing urban development process. The rapid unplanned development and negligence of eco friendly parameters have numerous environment impacts. Several measures have been defined for increasing the viability of building and construction activities without putting additional impact on resources. Green Building tools/ measures make a building eco friendly proposition for the stakeholders. Gradually due to awareness and increasing popularity of the sustainability concept in building and construction, it has been increasingly accepted. Various points on Indoor Air Quality for the living area increase the occupants’ productivity. Health, Safety, Energy, Waste and environment issues have been a major focus of the tool. Supportive concerns by the governments to reduce the dependency on the available natural resources are laudable.

Incorporating Green Building measures provides a win-win situation for all the involved stakeholders. It provides a competitive value addition for the projects as far as differentiation with other projects are concerned. The incorporation enhances the brand value and increases synergy among the buyers.

 Consumer Attitudes towards Green Building

There are numerous tangible and intangible benefits of a green building. In the changing market environment, practices on improvement of energy efficiency, stability, indoor air quality provides a greater benefit as far as actual cost vs. added benefits are concerned.  A green house looks attractive to those who want their wards grow up in a healthy home environment without any allergic and toxic substances around with a cheaper utility bills. Increasing awareness among consumers for reducing the ecological footprint or impact on environment has become of prime importance in this segment. The consumers in this segment knows about benefits of energy efficient homes which can reduce the global warming

Green building features and associated value to the consumers may motivate them to buy a green product. One of the best ways to market the green product is to educate them thoroughly about various aspects i.e. how the proposition is cost effective for them in a long run.

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