Responsible Lifestyle

All over the world, World Environment Day is celebrated on June 05th every year with a pledge and plan for saving environment and mother earth. A one day extravaganza with people all around shows their care and love for nature and natural environment. Various plans are made at micro and macro level for responsible eco friendly lifestyle and a sustainable future. Many things are written on conservation of environment, forest, water, song birds, flora and fauna; animals etc. but are in documents only. Various things such as toxic electronic components, plastics, sewage, domestic waste and industrial pollution have been polluting the natural habitat in front of us only. Various nearby examples in our locality wherever we live may be exhibited.
Do we ever think about execution of the same at a micro or personal level? Isn’t it our day to day responsibility towards a clean and green habitat? Yes, it is a collective responsibility towards a clean and green future. But various personal level honest steps may also be taken to reduce the resources consumption per capita and waste thus generated. Some of the ideas and tips in this regard may be a good incorporation in our day to day lifestyle for protecting our only planet.

1. Reduction in water consumption: Water, the most important life saving resource requires great attention. The purification and pumping to our homes consumes lot of energy in the process as well. Some of the steps may be taken in this regard may be listed as under
• Bath time may be reduced
• Low flow showerhead installation may reduce the water waste
• We may turnoff water in sink while shaving or brushing
• A low flow model toilet tank may reduce the water wastage
• Fixing up the leaking pipes on urgent basis
• Micro level water recycling systems may be incorporated and treated water may be used in flushing and secondary use
• Aeration nozzles installation in taps can do wonders in water savings

2. Energy Saving: Turning off lightings and appliances around which are not in use in a responsible manner
3. Regular checking up the lightening appliances and changing the energy efficient systems viz. LED could even lower the energy consumption
4. Public transportation and carpool services may be utilized as much as possible for saving fuel and cost
5. Disposable cups, glasses or coffee mugs may be avoided to save space in landfill and ultimately energy.
6. Responsible purchase i.e. eco-friendly products and products with recyclable packaging may be preferred to reduce our foot print.
7. Reduce use of plastic, owning reusable containers reduces plastic waste which is one of the most harmful wastes, grocery bags may be used while shopping instead of plastic bags. Plastic take thousands of years to decompose.
8. Keep educating and information sharing with friends, family members to sensitize them on responsible lifestyle steps
9. Use less paper or use it efficiently by using it both sides to save tress, opt for online transactions and ask companies to stop paper bills as well, it will reduce the paper consumption
10. Proper management of e-waste production viz. recycling or reuse of computers, laptop, printers, phones and other electronic items to reduce contamination and impact on land, air and water. If the items are not in use, give it to the needy for use.
11. Various unique interior items may be produced through reusing our household wastes
12. Plant at least a tree with responsibility and take special care. Keep others aware about the benefits and get them indulge in planting trees. It not only reduces air pollution but help reducing the energy consumptions.
13. Keep vehicles checked time to time to time for better mileage and fuel efficiency.

Our personal responsibility would surely be able to make changes. Gradually people around us if get awareness may start acting in an eco-friendly manner, which in itself is a market and industries and producers have started the heat. Our consumption pattern i.e. demand actually defines the market and supply. Let’s hope for a cumulative environment friendly initiative.

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