Save Earth: Save Natural Environment

The growing world economies, the transformation towards urbanisation and increasing development activities worldwide gradually is affecting the ecological balance of the earth. The process of deforestation and increase in the uses of natural resources has put the sustainable business practices at center stage now. The increasing unsustainable business operation and practices all over is increasing the green house gases in the space. This affects the livelihood pattern and species are endangered Gradually with the increase in awareness about the increasing pressure on the world ecology and affect, the world leaders and governments have started taking attention towards this issue of climate change. Various initiatives and calls for actions in the process are taken to increase the awareness towards a more responsible and green practices. The governments and corporate world are undergoing testing times. Both the industrial and non industrial actors have to take this responsibility and face this challenge with a more responsible, ethical and ecological manner. Industry with its capability should play a much larger role in the social development, governments and non governmental organistions must also come forwards to achieve the social and environmental objectives as per the Millenium Development Goals. A more transparent and accountable mechanism towards consumers and society at large with addressing the concerns of environmental degradation is of extreme importance. Moresoever the other stakeholders must also come towards in the process of achieving the objectives at micro level. The objective of achieving a sustainable future must be for everyone and every small step towards this must be considered. A high level of social consciousness and ethical behavior is very much required. The consideration of social and environmental cost must be addressed for any development activity. A long term stagnant economic development consist of ecological and social concerns with the normal economic gains. In the process of mitigating the ill impacts of environment, leaders must also consider the root cause of the unethical and unsustainable practices. The system of education can be one of the cause as far as the underdeveloped and undeveloped economies are concerned. The governments, civil society organisations especially in these economies should take immense care in enhancing the awareness as well as the behavior pattern of the general public. The education system must address the issues in the process of making more social and ecology responsible citizens. The government committees on course development should incorporate these issues in a more interesting manner viz. in the form of case studies or live examples or training based techniques. A child grown in a more socio ecologically responsible environment would be able to better address the issues with the new innovative ideas and modern practices. The continuous process of transforming students towards more conscious on ethical, environmentally and social fronts would surely do wonders in protecting our mother earth.

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