Towards Green Built

Green or Sustainable Building is just an eco friendly building which does not have a bad impact on the natural environment as the general average building has. Preservation of natural environment around the project site is actually the core idea of Green Building projects. The construction and operation would have a positive environmental impact involving all the stakeholders and would actually provide a habitat without any disruption in lab, water, resources and energy savings.As per the United States Environment Protection Agency (US EPA), Green Building is a practice of creating environment friendly and resources efficient structures and processes throughout a building’s lifecycle. The Building lifecycle specifically includes Siting to Designing, Construction, Operation , Maintainace, Renovation and Deconstruction. The concerns of economic utility, durability, comfort are the core ideas behind this high performance building practice.

Root Logix, a strategic environment management consulting companion has been working in the field of Green Building advisory and certification with a focus to maintain the sustainable project performance.  With our multi disciplinary team, we provide Green Building Certification Services catering to LEED Green Homes, GRIHA, IGBC, Energy Modeling & Simulation Study, Day lighting Analysis, Fundamental and Enhanced Third Party Commissioning Services, Energy Audits for Building & Industry pan India.

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